Liberacki Family

Judy and Rita and the children of Alexander Liberacki (1908-1959) and Rachel Wilcox (1909-1990). Their paternal grandparents Mikolaj Liberack and had emigrated from Poland at the end of the nineteenth century. Their maternal grandparents began immigrating to British North American began arriving during the seventeenth century.

One of the family stories that was told by Rita and Judy's mother was that they had a relative who came over on the Mayflower; a relative who was hung as a horse thief. Although the family still cherishes being descended from an unnamed horse thief, it is arguable that William White (1592-1621) and his wife Susannah Fuller (1594-1680) who did emigrate to Plymouth aboard the Mayflower were Rita and Judy's eighth great grandparents.

If one accepts Lieutenant Thomas Tracy's (1610-1685) claim that Paul Tracy (1556-1685) is his father as well as the genealogical records recorded in the Saxon Chronicles, Judy and Rita's 51st great grandparents are Woden and Frejya. They are descended from the gods.

To learn more about Rita and Judy's pedigree, you can consult the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg Genealogy.

The Liberacki Family
15 December 1947

Back Row: Judy, Alex, Rita.
Front Row: Andy, Rachel, Bruce