Judy Liberacki Berg's Stories

  • Down by the Berry Patch: Introduction
      Written in August 2004, this essay describes the manuscript on which I have been working and points toward the future growth of this web site.

  • The Beautiful Daisies
      Friends need not always agree.

  • The Cider Press
      A qift from my mother continues to bring joy.

  • The Corner Cupboard
      The memories of a corner cupboard are passed through the generations.

  • The Dandelion Story
      Some folks would call them weeds. Oh, what they are missing!

  • The Graduation Gown
      Passing gowns to daughters--and sons.

  • The Grave Blanket...
      There are many cycles in life--all are related to our dear middle son, Christopher, who died of a sudden heart attack on June 12, 1994.

  • Keep the Horses Home
      Horses are just a way of life at Michriste--and we love the memories they create.

  • Lessons Learned in the Berry Patch
      Here is a list of lessons I learned in the berry patch; lessons that helped guide my life for the next 55+ years.

  • MSU Memories
      College life has changed over the years.

  • My Cancer Story: The Best is Yet to Come
      My reaction to the day I learned I had been diagnosed with cancer.

  • The Nativity Scene
      A total of 57 cents made all the difference.

  • On Top of the World Today: What Will Tomorrow Hold?
      On 11 June 1994, Lorain and I were on the top of the world, but on June 12 our world radically changed.

  • The Snowball Bush
      It is not just people who move from city to city to city.

  • Travel and Trips
      As I let my memories stray back, I did do a lot of traveling from high school age on.

  • The Woods at Michriste
      Life is made up of memories.

  • The Yellow Boots
      On 30 October 2005, I considered whether choice of clothing could be determined by genes.

  • Julia A. Berg with her raspberries.